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Wedding and Events

When a couple first begin their special journey to becoming man and wife. It’s not just about the proposal or saying” I do”. It’s the honour and privilege to be an integral part of that. The understanding and relationship built with couples and their families is paramount in order to capture those priceless and once in a lifetime moments. 



Over the years, pets have become more than “Mans best friend” and companions. They are not only a pet, they are a special and integral part of the family. The relationship, love and care with them is extremely special, and these loving animals deserve their rightful place in each and every household, for the happiness, loyalty and joy they bring.



The honour, privilege and prestige of creating life changing moments is the heart and life of all pageants for girls off all ages. Whether locally, in the capital or worldwide, the passion, dedication and effort put into the organisation of these amazing events are evident all the way through.


Model Portfolio

Whether taking your first steps into modelling or are an existing model updating your portfolio, being part of a team, gaining confidence, having fun, gaining opportunities and taking part in local/national/international shoots and events, is something you will be a part of, and is all included in the best portfolio offer in Europe.



The journey of education resonates in us all. It can be a path of challenging work, leading to their goals  But eventually, reaching the pinnacle and receiving that all-important scroll in your hand, is a special and priceless day, not just for every student, but for their families who share that journey with them to all celebrate together.


Celebrity Events and Awards Shows

Whether Fashion, Music, or Awards events, UK, American, European or Asian Celebrities are in the forefront of our everyday lives across Television, Print Magazines or Social Media. They are icons and role models for millions of fans across the world.



London Fashion Week shows, Wedding Exhibitions, and Charity events, are all events where the essence of fashion is encapsulated. Designers young and old are discovered, and inspiration of new talent is born. Capturing moments behind the scenes and on the main run-way to bring tomorrow’s fashion to the public.

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